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Sedona Yoga is Coming Soon!

Imagine a destination yoga resource created by the hearts and minds behind Sedona Yoga inspirations such as the SYF, a consciousness evolution conference, and Aumbase Sedona.  Imagine years of local knowledge, curated by local yogis and presented to you in an online magazine dedicated to Yoga, Meditation and Energy Medicine in and around the Sedona area.  Well, you’ve been asking for it… Sedona needs it… so here it comes!  

All Things Yoga in Sedona








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The Sedona Yoga Pulse Newsletter is sure to be off-the-charts awesome!  Sedona Yoga in the energetic and vibrant landscape of desert vortexes and pinion pine is truly a sensory spectacle!  We are curating some of the best articles, commentaries, tips and hot yoga spots on the land just for you.  You don’t want to miss out on a single issue of what is sure to be Sedona’s newest online sensation.  The rich beauty of the Sedona views, combined with peaceful repose in asana is a tonic to cure the soul… If you happen to snap a picture or two, even better!   #SEDONAYOGA your pictures and caption your deep thoughts so we can see what your Sedona Yoga Experience was like!  Namaste… and enjoy.

What happens in Sedona, doesn’t stay in Sedona… Awaken your Sedona Yoga in this magical landscape of energy and vibration.

Remember to #SEDONAYOGA your pictures and thoughts…  (Something pretty cool may come of it.)

Sedona and Yoga go hand in hand.  The energy here is truly something one must experience themselves.  There are many places and ways to experience Sedona Yoga… an infinite number, the sayings go.  Yet, in the end, as in the yoga practice, it is up to you to go deep. As teachers we can merely guide the way for others and as students it is up to us to discern our own path towards what the sages and mystics speak.  It is undeniably so, that here, in Sedona, you can experience amazing, rapid and transformational growth.  The energy supports it now as it has since time immemorial.  

Sedona Yoga will be your guide to all things yoga in Sedona… The transformation is up to you.  See ya out there!

Join in the conversation below… Let us know what you would like to see in the Yogis Guide to Sedona™ 

All Things Yoga in Sedona…

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